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Mistletoe and Ouzo Kisses.
Long And Short of It Reviews'

'The office Christmas party can be a recipe for disaster! Free wine at the latest work festivities has left lovely Leah Stamford in the dark… especially about that night and a certain Marcus Savakis. Still, she can brush off office gossip...or can she?It seems this office party kicked off events she never remembered agreeing to. Complicating issues is the inescapable memory lapse, the incriminating tie on her bed, and Marcus, himself.

Marcus–cheerful, flippant, handsome and more notably, a co-worker. Is he as good as his word...or is he manipulating her? As soon as she swears off wine forever, there he is, insisting on buying her another. And, what to do about the holidays now? Leah is faced with a conundrum, and the pressure of all the giggly girls in the office doesn’t help.

Oh decisions; leap into the big, traditionally Greek Christmas via Marcus' invitation-–or celebrate the holidays most thoroughly alone? Are you kidding? Manipulative or not, you’ll be jumping up and down as she packs her bags--and that is barely the beginning! Never mind the Athenian skyline, the hot mulled cider, the glitter off the wave tops; the whole, mesmerizing Mediterranean world...Because this holiday adventure has barely gotten started! I am desperately censoring myself here, as there is so much more I’d like to mention, but the revelations are half the fun.

Do read! 4.5 books for this completely charming Christmas romance. Allen got this recipe just perfect: Wonderful characters, delightful descriptions, and exactly the right amount of mistletoe!!'
Available from The Wild Rose Press

'Hibiscus Bay' by Debby Allen. Available from The Wild Rose Press.

SCORE: Four and a half glasses of Champagne!

REVIEWED BY: Cocktail Reviews:
Ashleigh is on a Mediterranean holiday with her friend Laura. She’s intending to use the break to get over a failed office romance with her boss – a married man. When Laura spots an expensive yacht at a local harbour, Ashleigh only has eyes for the hot guy on board. But while her friend urges her to enjoy a holiday romance, Ashleigh is afraid of being hurt again. Remmao is half Egyptian, half Arab, a wealthy playboy who used to have a woman in every port until a bad experience left him emotionally damaged and extremely cautious. But Ashleigh intrigues him – he’s never had to chase a woman before, and he’s determined to track her down. While both are ready for a physical relationship, their emotions keep getting in the way. Only by learning to let go of the past and trusting one another will they find a future together.

This was a great novella-length read. I loved the underplayed humour, such as Ashleigh’s embarrassment at being caught ogling Remmao on his yacht. I also enjoyed Ashleigh’s first proper conversation with him. It’s cute and breathless, and I liked the sly dig at the romance novel genre of ‘every Egyptian/Arab is a prince’.

Ashleigh is a strong character. I like the fact that she doesn’t hide or sugar-coat the truth of what she did in the past – she admits she was in the wrong with her affair. You can really feel her anger and guilt – and her fear of being hurt so easily again.

Remmao is a true romance hero, but with a modern slant. He’s open about his feelings, and while he encourages Ashleigh to forgive herself and move on, he continues to hold onto his own secret – a lesson he learned a year ago and which still haunts him.Like a short version of a M&B/Harlequin title, Hibiscus Bay delivers on all fronts with an exotic locale, wealthy foreign hunk, a good dose of angst, enjoyable love scenes and a HEA. Formulaic? Yes, of course. But that’s why I love them so much. I’d recommend this to any fan of the genre.

'Hibiscus Bay' REVIEWED BY: Simply Romance Reviews

I can honestly say, while reading Hibiscus Bay, I was touched by the beautiful twist of fate for Ashleigh and Remmao. This is the kind of romance we all dream of. Ashleigh's main goal on her vacation was to erase the last three years of her past relationship with Richard (ex-lover/ex-boss and married). She never expected fate to intervene and send her the love she has always dreamed of having. Remmao (dashing and sexy) never had much time for true lasting relationships since he consistently sails around the world. Suddenly, he is locking eyes with Ashleigh after her sunglasses fall onto the deck of his yacht and its' kismet!! Throughout the story, Ashleigh and Remmao find themselves freeing all the emotional pain from the past and learning once again the meaning of trust, promises and love.

Debby Allen captured so many heartwarming emotions of both her characters. The story inspires the reader to wish for Hibiscus Bay and a pair of sunglasses.......wonderful job Debby!! ~ Reviewed by Mireille

“Christina Hollis has written a lyrical, passionate and captivating romance that will steam up the cold winter nights! The Ruthless Italian’s Inexperienced Wife is a wonderfully sensuous romantic tale written with plenty of warmth and sensitivity from this powerful and talented new writer of romantic fiction! I can’t wait for her next book!” (Cataromance, December 2008)

“Her Ruthless Italian Boss is Christina Hollis’ fourth Modern Romance for Harlequin Mills and Boon, and in my opinion, it’s her best book to date! Enchanting, emotional and romantic, Her Ruthless Italian Boss is Mills and Boon Modern Romance at its most absorbing!” (Cataromance, July 2008)

In The Shadow of the Dragonfly
By M. Jean Pike
Available in E-Book and Paperback from Black Lyon Publishing
ISBN# 9781934912072

Reviewed by Night Owl Romance: It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Or so the saying goes. But is it true ? What about if you’ve loved but never been love in return? What then? Gray Baldwin has spent his entire life looking to be loved. When he stumbles into Mt. Bishop, New York he thinks he might finally have found a place to land permanently.

Hope Hanwell is the pampered, spoiled and self-centered daughter of Gray’s boss, Ted. But she sets her sights on Gray, but not with any real concern, just to use to lose her virginity and use before she moves away to go to beauty school.
Ms. Pike paints a heartfelt and poignant picture of the realities of life and love. Gray and Hope are so well defined that you’ll swear you know someone just like them. The plot will have you laughing and crying by turns and have your heart breaking right along with the cast of characters that fill this book with the realities of life. This is a wonderfully touching story that I highly recommend.

'Her Sanctuary' by Toni Anderson. Available from The Wild Rose Press.

5 ANGELS “Suspenseful, riveting and explosive, this reader absolutely loved this story.” ~ FAR

4.5 BLUE RIBBONS “Ms. Anderson presents us with one fantastic story that has me wanting more.” ~Romance Junkies“For a fast paced, enjoyable read filled with secrets and surprises, HER SANCTUARY will fill all your expectations.” ~Romance Reviews Today“Don’t miss out on Eliza and Nat’s tale. They are just waiting for you to join them in the modern wild west of Montana.” ~Loves Romances Reviews

'Roses for Rachel' by Dianne Miley.
Reviewer: Andrea at 'Between The Lines'

Rachel Santos has been on an emotional rollercoaster and has been very badly hurt in the past. She has two small daughters to bring up on her own and there is no way she is ever again going to get involved with a man.
To Rachel, Elliot Truman is just a work colleague but he would like to be more. He loves Rachel and her children ... will he breach her defences?
This book is so well written you can identify with Rachel. You can feel her emotions: sometimes she's happy, sometimes sad; sometimes she's frightened because there is someone out there who hates her and wants her to die. She has a loving family who would dearly love to help and protect her but she is stubborn and determined to 'go it alone'.
The writer has given us characters who are beautifully drawn and who have real-life problems and a good plot, which twists and turns keeping you guessing right up to the end.
Throughout the book there runs a strong moral thread and that is in keeping with the characters and the story.
This book was a pleasure to read and I suggest that you add it to your 'must read' list.

REVIEWS for For One Night Only
5 Bookmarks: "FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY is a refreshing unique contemporary romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was riveted by the characters and read the entire story in one sitting. From the very beginning of the story where Bethany goes to medically check out Ruben, the chemistry and sexual heat is there between them, and sparks fly. Yet you can feel the characters struggles with leaving it as one night only or trying to build a relationship. How does a strong, independent doctor with her own career like Bethany Shaw emotionally build and maintain a relationship with a rock star, a person who is bigger than life, but is just an incredibly sexy man when it is just the two of them. Ruben's life is open to the public and his every move is scrutinized and stalked, could Bethany handle his lifestyle and constant travel, would she want to, and what does she have to give up to be with him. The two travel to Miami and across the world to Paris together to see if there newfound love can work, while at the same time they are stalked by a crazed fan. As Ruben's past transgressions in life catch up with him the story unfolds at an emotional heart stopping pace. I highly recommend this hot steamy love story and I look forward to reading many more stories written by Ms Ryder."
--Daria White, Wild on Books.

5 Stars: "For One Night Only is a sizzling love story. You could feel the sexual tension between Bethany and Reuben. The characters worked well together and were well-developed. The plot caught my attention and held it to the last word. Great summer reading." -- Anne Boling, Review Your Book4 Stars: "I could really feel Bethany's turmoil as she tries hard not to let the doubts and suspicions creep into her newly found relationship. The sex they share is exhilarating, making you blush. Once the duo meets, the pacing became unstoppable. One thing or the other kept happening until your head is spinning. Ms. Ryder knows how to tell a story and has handled complex emotions like jealousy, envy, infatuation like a pro. I was quite taken with the hurt, confused, and emotionally fragile villain who really deserved something else. Although shaky at times, For One Night Only is indeed a very entertaining mix of spine tingling twists and red-hot loving!"
--Mahaira Fatima, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Angels: "For One Night Only is an enjoyable read that features two extremely human characters. Ruben and Bethany are wonderfully imperfect, and it is refreshing to read a story where the hero and heroine have real human foibles. These two like to poke and prod at each other to try to get a reaction, and it frequently ends in blistering sex. The sex is steamy and well-written, and our heroes have fun with it and don't treat it too seriously." "For this blend of tension, great sex, and all-too-human characters, For One Night Only is well worth the read."
--Whitney, Fallen Angel Reviews

"The plot caught my attention and held it to the last word. 5 Stars" --Anne Boling, Review Your Book.

"I highly recommend this hot steamy love story and I look forward to reading many more stories written by Ms Ryder 5 Bookmarks" --Daria White, Wild on Books.

"For One Night Only is indeed a very entertaining mix of spine tingling twists and red-hot loving! 4 Stars" --Mahaira Fatima, Just Erotic Romance Reviews.

"For this blend of tension, great sex, and all-too-human characters, For One Night Only is well worth the read. 4 Angels" --Whitney, Fallen Angel Reviews.
(full length)

'Starquest' by Hywela Lyn

Review by Snapdragon at LASR: A love that will carry the heroine across the galaxy; a challenge that will threaten her life. Starquest by Hywela Lyn leaps into the deep end of galaxy right from the start, as the Jaii-onboard-computer announces a calamity that is but moments away. The navigational corrections are not enough, the starship’s drive is compromised; prepare to abandon ship…
Starquest kicks off with a literal bang, and you will feel your heart thumping at the race to abandon ship. The heroine, Jestine Darnell, is setting off on a desperate quest and does not quite know why. Her personal trajectory is impossible to predict, as she soon finds herself in the hands of telepaths – who are telepaths and more. Unsought friendships emerge, but can she trust them? And can that sort of reliance (no matter how good a navigator she is) come to matter among a large starship crew? It doesn’t help that she has to start off with a lie, then wonders if they can see through it.
The Destiny’s crew find her competent, but they have reservations. Kerry and Jon acknowledge her competence, and you will find yourself hoping against hope that they will give her the benefit of the doubt. It is a troubled time; from the Union’s stranglehold on Earth, to the dangerous Grakk spies lurking all over the universe. Even as we hope for her to be accepted, you will feel a thread of doubt yourself. In an amazing way, Lyn will make you identify – even if just a little bit – with almost every character.
Some emotions, like a somewhat shared sense of longing, are common among these people that cannot help but remember, a little sadly, the Earth home they left, long ago. What seems like a minor emotion – a loneliness or regret, becomes surprisingly evocative in this tale.
Ms. Lyn does a great job making surprise characters, like Jaii and other ships’ computers, seem ordinary. And, it’s refreshing that various characters share a sense of pride and enthusiasm in their ships’ capabilities.
Dialogue tends to be to the point and believable. Events become more and more unpredictable as the story moves forward. The backdrop is a universe – a beautifully envisioned universe. It seems rare to find a story with a science fiction bent so beautifully described. Read a little slice:
“… watching the rapidly unfolding vista of stars, like shimmering jewels in the black velvet backcloth that was deep space. There was something about the sheer immensity of the Universe that made her feel very insignificant and, at the same time, very tranquil.”
The lovely, lovely descriptions never slow the action, but manage still to convey emotion and carry the narration forward. This is an incredibly original tale, and – for all the science fiction trappings – is truly a classic quest for love, and the romance, which at first seems very much at the periphery, will become not only a primary motivation, but the chief joy of the tale. Adventure may be the main motif, but the heartwarming side will be a surprising bonus.

'Thorn of Ebon' By Faith Bicknell-Brown

Publisher Freya’s Bower
Reviewed by 'Dirty Girl Reviews -5 stars: This book is part of a series, based on three daughters, half human, half fairy. While each book seems to be a standalone title, I would recommend reading the books in order so you have a full understanding of the character’s personality and references to past events.I really enjoyed this book. It was not only well-researched, but well written. Faith managed to (once again) take us on an adventure into the past, to a time where humans and magic coexisted. A time where the Norse gods had more power and when things went wrong we blamed it on the god of mischief, Loki.Freya’s favorite of the three daughters, Loilati was sent on a quest to seek out the Thorn of Ebon, and prevent the Fae races from being killed.. She rides out on a warhorse bred by Thor himself, and in the company of elves and other magical creatures. Along the way, she discovers her hidden power is fire and learns how to control it. This book made me laugh out loud several times, and is packed full of surprises. If you are a fan of fantasy or mythology, you won’t want to miss the Thorn if Ebon.
Buy now at:

'Caribbean Dreams of Love' by Bess McBride. Available from The Wild Rose Press.

Five Hearts and a Reviewer Top Pick from Night Owl Romance for Caribbean Dreams of Love by Bess McBride!
"Ms. McBride has outdone herself yet again. I absolutely adored this story! The author’s descriptions of the characters, the beautiful scenery and the legends were all exquisitely done. I felt as if I was aboard the ship with the characters and seeing everything first hand. Ms. McBride is a true storyteller and her creative storylines are sure to please many readers’ tastes. I highly recommend this story and I know you’ll be thoroughly entertained as I was. This author is definitely one you shouldn’t pass up!"

'An Inconvenient Marriage' by Ruth Ann Nordin.

Ruth Ann Nordin’s recent romantic novel is at heart a love story with a different twist. Instead of the usual conventional elements prevalent in this genre wherein an initial attraction leads to a stirring of romance and a flowering of passion culminating in an exchange of vows, An Inconvenient Marriage: The Keeping Of Jake Mitchell presents an approach with a different twist.
Set in Virginia in 1899, the narrative focuses on two principal characters, Jake Mitchell, a successful banker and confirmed bachelor and Sue Lewis, a feisty spinster who is a very competent librarian and is very well liked by the library’s members.
The story unfolds when Sue is determined to persuade Jake’s bank not to foreclose on her parent’s farm. Day after day Sue returns to the bank to harass its executives to convince them to work something out in order that her parents and siblings will be able to continue to work their farm. However, nothing seems to help- that is, until one day something happens that will forever change her life as well as that of Jake Mitchell.
Jake’s father had recently died and he was named sole beneficiary of a considerable inheritance. However, there were some very important conditions in his father’s will before he could receive his inheritance. He had to marry a woman of the Christian faith and who does honorable work, provided she doesn’t live with her parents. She also had to be a virgin and must be close to her family. On the other hand, he only had to remain married for six months in order to receive his inheritance.
As Jake was a very astute and competent businessman, he proposes to Sue and offers her one half of his inheritance if she would marry him and stay married for six months.
This would be a “win win” situation for both of them, for Sue would not have to marry old man York, who had proposed to her in order to pay off her family’s debts, and Jake would receive his inheritance. Jake also agreed to pay Sue her share on the day they are married.

Sue accepts Jake’s business offer as well as the agreed upon platonic relationship that would ensue between them. However, matters don’t exactly work out the way the couple had initially planned. In fact, Sue, who was always beset by self-doubt, manages to overcome her inadequacy as she is transformed from an unattractive spinster to a beautiful woman. And to the excessive consternation of Jake, Sue captures the attention of every unmarried man in town.
Jake keeps Sue totally in the dark when he intercepts gifts of flowers intended for her from potential suitors. They are all quite aware of the business transaction between Jake and Sue and were willing to wait the six months until the marriage would be annulled.
Adding a little hilarity, Nordin weaves into her story the slapstick tomfoolery of Sue’s siblings who, after accepting Jake into the family, are determined to keep the couple wedded. And as we discover, there were other individuals who likewise didn’t want to see the annulment of the marriage and who go to great lengths in making sure that this will not come to pass.
Nordin has crafted two lovable and charming characters that continually portray sincere sentiments that draw her readers in. Moreover, each page is filled with little details that resonate with meaning pertaining to the understanding of true love, respect, good character, hornable living, consideration, honesty, loyalty, empathy, and compassion that all make for a loving and lasting marital relationship.
In essence, this playful and tender story is easy to visualize, so full of uncomplicated discourse as well as a great deal of comedy resembling the wild exuberance of clowns, particularly the wedding reception and the novel’s last scenes.

The above review was contributed by The Publisher & Editor of, Norm Goldman, B.A. LL.L, Retired Title Attorney: Norm is also a travel writer and together with his artist wife, Lily, the couple meld Norm's words with Lily's art. To check out their travel site click on Click here to view Norm’s Reviews & Interviews.

'Romancing Rebecca by Amber Polo. Available from The Wild Rose Press.

Romancing Rebecca is a book for the ladies - a must-read novel that demands a top spot on your summer reading list. ...Enter Amber Polo, my newest favorite romance writer...The book is light, breezy and Polo sets a fast pace that never lets up. And those steamy sex scenes? Too funny for words!" Rochelle Brener, Kudos (Verde Valley and Sedona)"What an enjoyable read. I could practically see and smell all the sights of Sedona... I loved the character of Rebecca. She had some quirky mishaps that made her a believable character, and her gutsy attitude was great...Amber Polo draws believable, solid characters that come alive..."

5 Angels - Linda L. for Fallen Angel Reviews
"Romancing Rebecca is a book I woud recommend to friends and foes (lol) alike, and actually one I would read again. For those of you who know me, I rarely read aything twice. This book has it all, humour, ove, intrigue, paranormal, suspense, woo hoo and is tastefully done."
Bitten by Books 4 1/2 tombstones

"a story with not only solid, easy to relate to characters but a beautiful backdrop. The story takes a mysterious turn with letters from a time gone past ..a fantastic job bringing the plot to culmination and making it feel real. You can actually experience the inner struggle within Tom and Rebecca and feel the energy pulling them together. An A+ for Polo."

“Side-splitting humor, multiple hot men, and a mystical location—my kind of a read!”
Julie Wallace

"Romancing Rebecca" is a intriguing novel mixed with Romance, Suspense, and a touch of the Paranormal. Ms. Polo's characters are real and the situation they find themselves in is told in such a manner that the reader will believe it actually happened! Placed in the beautiful and mystic area of Sedona, Arizona, the story comes alive." Kari Thomas, Romance Author

Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups out of possible 5 Cups

It is the year 1840 when the Earl of Ravensmoor's death becomes imminent. Many regrets flash through his mind, but the foremost one is regarding his dear sweet Kaitlyn. He had fallen in love with a maid in his youth, but due to his station in life, was unable to follow his heart. Vowing to find her soul, he extracts a promise from his grandson. Somewhere, somehow, in some time, his Kaitlyn's soul will be found. With the promise agreed upon, the earl finally takes his last breath.
Over a century later in the present, Leslie Dante Jonathan Burroughs, Earl of Ravensmoor and owner of BAI, LTD, continues his ancestor's search. One trusted relative from each descendant was given the task of finding Kaitlyn's soul. He is the last Earl of Ravensmoor and the search must be completed, or her soul may never be found. Aided only with the story passed down by word of mouth and a beautiful portrait, Dante continues his search for Kaitlyn's soul.
When Dante travels from England to Phoenix, Arizona, he is in for the shock of his life. Working in one of his warehouses is the spitting image of Kaitlyn. From her beautiful green eyes to her luscious lips, Dante knows he must find some way to get her to England. For he knows as he stares into her eyes that he is looking into Kaitlyn's soul. Now he struggles with the knowledge that he is deeply attracted to a woman who was meant for his grandfather over a century ago.
“I speak of a love which happens betwixt two souls but once in an eternity.” Ms. Quijas has taken the concept of eternal soul mates and wrapped it into a sensual story of love throughout time. Witty, charming, and funny, Dante's Lady will hold you suspended throughout the book, waiting for the final scene to unfold. Seeing how many pages this book had made me feel intimidated. However, once I started, I found the flow of the wording and the storytelling to be quite smooth and easy to imagine. If you are a collector of books, Dante's Lady is a definite keeper!
Caution: This title contains steamy sex, graphic language and red-hot romance.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
In England, 1840, time was not on Nathan Burroughs side in this affaire, for death was already sinking his claws deep. There was little time left to him, but Lord Nathan Archimedes Christophe Dante Burroughs, the illustrious Fifteenth Earl of Ravensmoor was determined. What he knew was in question, what he hoped was not. As his life ended, he bequeathed a task to his grandson, his namesake and an honourable lad. A task that followed, cursed, and haunted the Earls of Ravensmoor to the present, and culminated in the current problem faced by Leslie Dante Jonathan Burroughs, Twenty first Earl of Ravensmoor, Dante to most of his friends.
Haunted by fantastic dreams since an early age, Dante never knew of the woman in the picture except from legend. Her face haunted his dreams, becoming disturbingly real in the past twenty-five years. Plagued with these nightly visions, he was driven to work harder, live life larger, and as a final result, sequester himself in Colinwood Manor. It was there where he faced the nights by prowling the halls, spending long hours in his study working or compiling the historical records his family guarded so assiduously. The pressure of the family curse hung over his head, he was the last of the Ravensmoor lineage, the last Earl. The entailed lands would pass to his daughter, the title and all it meant would be gone forever. That did not bother him much as he had made a rather successful life for himself and his daughter Anne in spite of everything. He took the family estates, turning some into hotels and museums, and letting them pay for their upkeep and taxes as he diligently brought the family’s ignored, languishing and faltering automobile factory into the modern age, increasing and expanding it at the same time.
The current Ravensmoor was such a success. Driven, certainly, cautious, surely, plagued and haunted beyond his tolerance, almost. Problems at a plant or a company-owned supplier were the only things that truly dragged Dante away from his home and home offices. The supplier in Phoenix was such a circumstance, and with a heavy heart, Dante undertook the trip. He was not prepared for the happenings, the explicit dreams which occurred when he reached the hotel. Wrenched from his bed, the dream tore into his psyche causing his heart to pound, his breaths to come in shattered gasps and pants. For some odd reason, he knew the woman was near, his destiny was at hand. Her name was Kate…Kathleen, and her face had been imprinted on his very soul. She was the exact replica of image in the formerly despised portrait, and he was going to meet her. He had finally reached her, touched his lady. He did not know where, but he knew the when was now. Fate had caught up to Ravensmoor, the destiny was here, the final meeting that would determine the fate of Ravensmoor, its Earls, and history itself was truly at hand…
Kathleen Bennett tucked her purse away as she listened to the office gossip telling her of the visit of the boss. Not totally understanding what Grace Sanchez, the inveterate office gossip, truly meant until told in no uncertain terms. None other than the owner of the company, Burton Automotive Industries, Limited was going to appear at the offices today, and she had not had a glimmer of notice. She knew that recalls had played havoc with the company, and she well knew her manager’s involvement in the reasons for the substandard parts sent out. IF the owner was coming, and if he knew about this problem with the company, she had no doubts it would be a reason for him to show up personally. It would be a day of reckoning far past due, yet it was not within her rights to blow any whistles. She had only been with the company for five years, and had neither the seniority nor the right to presume to be totally in the know about these things. She only knew what she observed, and she was not impressed with the way Moring ran his end of the operation, or the way he treated his staff and employees. Heavens knew she had born the brunt of his foul temper and bad humour these many years.
There were things she would have loved to tell the “Big Boss,” but his name was a mere scrawl beneath the company logo, a figment of everyone’s imagination as far as Kate could tell. The closest she had come to dealing directly with him was through his personal secretary, one Barbara McMillian, and she had given Kate no hint or idea as to his presence or what the man would be doing here, or going to say, so Grace’s news was relegated to the back of her mind. She soundly yet silently cursed her boss for his inattention, then again as he bellowed for her from his office. Last minute or not, she should have been given some warning by her erstwhile manager, Charles Moring. The past six months of reports were demanded, and Kate was going to do her best to see Moring got what the man undoubtedly requested. When she asked about why Charles Moring was upset, she learned that Grace was indeed telling her the truth. Dante Burroughs, the heretofore unknown and unseen money, power, and owner of and behind Burton Automotive was truly in town and coming to visit this factory/warehouse. Kate was totally unaware and totally unprepared for the man himself, and the repercussions he would have in her life…
Tamela Quijas gives us a story that is more than the run-of-the-mill contemporary romance. Touched with a hint of the supernatural, Dante’s Lady is a gripping tale of love spanning the centuries. Drawing Dante Burroughs and Kathleen Bennett together is not a smooth road to follow, but if the Fates are to have their way, and the Earldom is to continue, bringing them together is a must. Kathleen’s dreams have plagued her since she can remember. There is loneliness there, and a familiarity that she has passed off due to the time spent with these particular dreams. In a way they are familiar friends, yet in another way, they can turn heated and mysterious. She is not prepared for the change in the dream, the man who finally appears, and even more upset when her dreams give that man a face, only to be fulfilled in person. She is no more prepared for the reality of Dante Burroughs than she is for the firing of her boss right in front of her. Both events leave her shaking with uncertainty as emotions she was unaware she possessed so strongly surge to the fore. For Dante, meeting his Kate in such circumstances was somewhat of a shock, however, he had a lot longer to deal with the eventuality, having been prepared for this his whole life.
Dante’s Lady was only a legend, a dream, but two centuries of Ravensmoor Earls had awaited the return of Nathan’s love, and the time was now. There was only one recourse for the Earl of Ravensmoor, and that was to bring “Kaitlyn” home, in this incarnation, her name was Kate, and she was Dante’s to woo, to love, and to cherish. By hook or crook, he was going to return her to Colinwood, back to the home she loved, and into the arms of the man she was meant to have to begin with, himself. It was with great planning and careful execution he laid his loving trap, only to be foiled by her very nature. So now the fate of the Earl of Ravensmoor is held in her hands, and it is up to Kate. Can she forgive, and love, and fulfill her destiny, or will she run away, and not face what fate and love have to show her, the blessings they have to bestow upon her in both heart and mind? If you want to take a wonderful journey with a cast of enchanting characters, then Dante’s Lady is a must buy for you.
It is available now from Hearts on Fire Books, and I know Dante’s Lady will not disappoint you.
Yours in good reading,
Rose at Romance at Heart Magazine
In 1840 Nathan Burroughs, Duke of Ravensmoor faces his imminent death. He reflects upon his life and loves. And charges his grandson Nathan, and all his descendents, with looking for the love he lost 50+ years ago, Kaitlyn Burnett, until she returns to Colinswood, the family manor.
200 years after Kaitlyn leaves Nathans life, and 160 years after his death, the descendents have continually looked for Kaitlyn to return. Dante Burroughs is the current Duke of Ravensmoor, and CEO and owner of Burton Automotive Industries, INC. and has been dreaming of a woman who looks very much like Kaitlyn Burnett. Her name is Kathleen “Kate” Bennett and she’s a secretary at the Phoenix plant of Burton Automotive Industries, INC. When these two meet the family “curse” that Dante has been living with becomes something he thinks he can finally break. Not to mention he finally has someone he can truly love. Are these two the reincarnated souls of Kaitlyn and Nathan?
This is a wonderful work by Ms. Quijas and was well worth the read. I felt for Dante and Kate and the journey’s they both had to take to get to where they could be fully honest with each other. All the characters are full of faults and foibles and good points and bad points, and are easy to identify with. The plot will keep you guessing and trying to figure everything out till the end when all is revealed. You’ll be thrilled with the happily ever after these two get in spite of all the obstacles in their way.
Oh, and the sex is pretty smoking hot too.
Angi at Night Owl Romance/4.25 out of possible 5

Tamela Quijas
Querida---historical romance available soon!
Angel' Fire, Demon's Blood---paranormal romance available soon!
Dante's Lady---available through and
I Can't Cook Because I'm A White Girl---available through

MR Review Fueled by Instinct by Rebecca A Savage
4 out of 5 StarsJ
FBI agent Devin Elizabeth Ladue wants revenge and justice for the murder of her parents and she is determined to see that she gets it no matter what the cost. Lane Eric Steelman is a journalist and witnessed the gruesome murder of Devin's parents. Devin plans to keep Lane alive long enough to give his testimony at the trial of the rich and influential men that are responsible for the murders. But while she is protecting him, they have also decided to try and draw out a mole in the FBI that is involved in the complicated plot. Devin wants everyone involved to go down! The only problem is neither Devin nor Lane expected the incredible chemistry between them personally. Can they stay focused on the job?

Fueled By Instinct is a very good, FBI thriller and romantic suspense all rolled into one exciting read! The sexual tension between Devin and Lane just adds to the readers heightened senses as they follow the progress of the story. There is treachery, greed, and danger surrounding the couple while they try to remain alive for Lane to testify and fight their attraction to one another. This is a bad time for any kind of relationship and they can’t possibly have a future. Devin is married to her job and Lane will probably be on the run from the mob for the rest of his life even if they do get the convictions. No one bests the mob and walks away unscathed.

Ms. Savage grabbed my attention, emotions, and pulse rate at the very beginning and sent me for an exciting ride through this story! If you have never read anything by Ms. Savage, don’t delay any longer; this story is a great place to start. If you are already a fan of Ms. Savage’s work, you don’t want to miss adding Fueled By Instinct to your list of titles.

Cloaked In Assassination by Rebecca Savage
Romantic suspense
Available from The Wild Rose Press
July 2008
The Romance Studio Review: Rene Celeste Ladue is a professional assassin for a top secret CIA program. Someone has discovered who she is and has threatened to kill her family if she doesn’t murder the living ex Presidents of the US, the current President, and the top running candidate in the up coming elections. No one messes with Rene’s family and lives; who ever this mysterious person is they just made a fatal mistake! Rene works alone but for this task she must have help and she has selected Hunter Orion Keller a top Secret Service Agent. Can Rene and Hunter find away to trick the blackmailer, find him, and remove him without anyone else getting hurt? Can they also work around the incredible chemistry they have together long enough to get the job done?
Cloaked in Assassination is a sequel to Fueled by Instinct which started Rebecca Savage’s series about the Ladue sisters. The Books can be read stand alone as each sister’s story is separate and not dependent on things you learned from the other. The other two sisters make do make and appearance in the story and I prefer to read series in order so I was glad I had read Fueled by Instinct first.
I really like the Ladue sister’s. They are completely loyal to their family and their country, they are tough and trained, and they are determined to succeed. Rene is obsessed with finding whoever is trying to blackmail her not only because they threatened her family but what they want done is treason. Rene gets a whole lot more than she bargained for when she chooses Hunter to help her with this job. Rene doesn’t want a man but if she were to look for one, Hunter is exactly what she’d want. He is honest, trustworthy, a leader, and as patriotic as she is. And Hunter has a fiercely loyal team to call on with more skills then Rene had imagined. The mission is dangerous, the team is talented, and the mad man is highly placed someplace in the government so the action is thrilling and intense. If you want an action packed, romantic suspense story, this one will not disappoint!
Overall rating: Sensuality rating: Very sensual Reviewer: Steph B.August 18, 2008

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