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Between January 15 and March 17, 2009 - purchase any title from any of the following sponsoring authors and you can enter to win a free SONY eReader from The Wild Rose Press. Its easy to enter: once you purchase a book or short story from any of the participating authors email your order number to

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it. That's it. We will verify your order and enter you into the drawing. If you purchase more than one tiitle, you can enter more than one time.For questions on this contest, please contact Rhonda Penders at

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please put the words SONY eReader contest in the subject line. No purchase necessary. Click on each author's name to link to thier books in our bookstore. If there is no link next to the author; the book may not be released yet, and you can check back at a later time to find her link. Winners will be announced in mid March (exact date TBD) in our chat, and on our web site.If you click on the author name you will be sent to their bookstore page, if the link does not work, please refer to our bookstore and you can look up the author there.

Roni Adams (Champagne, Yellow Rose)

C. H. Admirand (English Tea Rose, Faery Rose)

Toni Anderson (Crimson Rose)

Tori Anne (American Rose)

Linda Banche (English Tea Rose)

Donna Bolk (Faery Rose)

Elaine Bonner (White Rose)

Jenni Holbrook (Crimson Rose - To be Released in February)

Beth Caudill (Black Rose, Faery Rose)

Linda Carroll-Bradd (Cactus, Sweetheart)

Christine Clemetson (Vintage Rose)Cheryl Cornell (American Rose)

Amy Corwin (English Tea Rose)

Kaylea Cross (Crimson Rose)

K.M. Daughters (Crimson Rose, White Rose)

Debra Dogget (Faery Rose)

Sharon Donovan (White Rose)

Kat Henry Doran (Crimson)

Kasandra Elaine (White Rose)

M.J. Frederick (Yellow and Champagne)

Brenda Gayle (Last Rose of Summer)

Rhonda Gibson and Jean Kincaid (White Rose)

Judith Gilbert (Champagne Rose and Black Rose)

Cindy K. Green (White and Crimson Rose)

Tracy Preston (English Tea Rose)

Donna Hatch (English Tea Rose)

Michele Hart (Faery Rose)

Liza James (Scarlet Rose)

Emma Jay (Book coming soon)

Sandra Kay (Yellow Rose)

Lynne King (Crimson Rose)

Eliza Knight (Scarlet Rose)

Laurie Larsen (White Rose)

Judi Lynne (American Rose)

Lynda Lukow (English Tea Rose)

Abbey Macinnis (Yellow Rose)

Donna Marie Rogers (Champagne Rose, Yellow Rose)

Dianne Miley (White Rose)

Kathleen Mix (Crimson Rose)

P.L. Parker (Faery Rose)

Lauri Robinson (Cactus Rose)

Elisabeth Rose (Champagne Rose)

Susan St. Thomas (Book coming out on 1/23/09)

Anastasia St. James (English Tea Rose)

Susanne Saville (Faery Rose)

Bronwyn Storm (Vintage Rose, Champagne Rose, Last Rose of Summer, Faery Rose)

Tony V. Sweeney (Black Rose)

Susan Vaughan (Crimson Rose)

J.L. Wilson (Crimson Rose)

Teri Wilson (Sweetheart Rose, Faery Rose)

You may also enter the contest by mailing a postcard to The Wild Rose Press, P.O. Box 708, Adams Basin, NY 14410. Write down the titles of three books or short stories by three different participating authors and we will put your postcard in the general drawing.

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