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Please welcome Tracy Preston, Author Spotlight contest winner!

In November this year, I held a contest on Jenny Gilliam's blog page to win an Author Spotlight. Many authors entered the contest - which was to leave me a comment with their name and current book title - and I would like to thank them all for taking an interest in The Romance eBooks Newsletter.

I chose Tracy's winning comment because of her honesty. We all need help with promotion, epecially if it's our first release, which is the main reason I set up The Romance eBooks myspace profile in February 2008. Since then, promotion for authors has progressed with speed to blog interviews and then to The Romance eBooks Newsletter.

So now, I'd like to congratulate Tracy on her chance to jump the Author Spotlight queue and make this page her own. Over to you, Tracy ...

Let me begin by saying I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday Season, chocked full of family and fun! As for me, what better way to kick off 2009 than by being featured in the author's spotlight here in the Romance eBooks Newsletter.

I am a newly published author, and my first book was recently released by The Wild Rose Press. Destiny's Captive, a full-length, Regency period historical, is the first in a three part series called The Destiny Series. It is the story of a young girl who finds herself thrown into a treacherous world of espionage and murder, and into the seductive arms of the most infuriatingly stubborn man she's ever met, who also happens to be a pirate...well, sort of.

While Destiny's Captive has only been out for a few weeks, I couldn't be happier with the feedback I've been getting from reviewers and readers alike.

Now that my first book has been released, I've been busy working on the second book in the Destiny Series, Destiny's Mistress. I have also begun laying the groundwork for a contemporary paranormal series that I've been having a blast working with. Needless to say, I have several irons in the fire, and it is my sincerest hope that readers will keep an eye out for my work in the new year!

Warmest Wishes to All, Tracy Preston

Destiny's Captive

Blurb: Angeline Montgomery’s father is mysteriously murdered, forcing her to flee her home in New York and seek the shelter of her estranged family in England. When her ship is attacked by pirates, her dangerous curiosity reveals their captain is a high-ranking English noble. Astounded by the truth, she is taken captive by the suspicious, dark-eyed lord.

Lucian DeLattimer’s job is to pillage foreign cargo vessels beneath the cloak of the dreaded Jolly Roger. Discovering a beautiful spy aboard his latest conquest is not nearly as unsettling as his unwanted desire for the infuriating female who takes over his bed and his thoughts. When temptation ignites passion, they discover something neither dreamed possible.

But will they survive the deadly truth of her father’s scandalous past, or will it mean their imminent destruction?

Review: Destiny's CaptiveWRDF Reviews "Top Pick!"

"This story was fascinating from the first word to the last. The love these two characters share is extraordinary as is the entire book. I was completely captivated in the intricate tale Ms. Preston weaves between these pages. An amazing and purely magnificent work of literary art." -Terri Ann Armstrong, WRDF Reviews
Get Your eBook Copy From:The Wild Rose Press {}, Amazon, Fictionwise, and other eBook retailers.
Available in multiple eBook formats, PRINT copies available February 20, 2009.

Excerpt: His astute gaze shifted as he sensed movement in the corner of the room. There, poised to strike out with her jeweled dagger, was the most enticing woman he’d ever laid eyes upon. Gleaming honey tresses fell freely over her shoulders and down her back, probably freed from their restraints by her vigorous attempt at valiance. She visibly tensed when he took a step toward her. Fleetingly, he thought that she might really attempt to fight him off. It might be fun to let her try. He took closer stock of her lovely face. Beautifully sculpted features graced a flawless complexion—flawless except for the hint of freckles dusting across the bridge of her finely shaped nose. His grandmother would have berated this young woman for allowing the sun to tarnish her skin. By her estimation, it just wasn’t seemly for a girl to expose her skin to so much sunlight. Pasty, pale complexions were all the rage in London. Lucian, however, found her coloring most appealing.. He thought she looked healthy and vibrant.His gaze locked with hers. Her eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue, a subdued aquamarine. He could not deny she was enchanting, standing there as she was, poised to fight like one of Odin’s mythical valkyries."Stay back. I’m not afraid to run this blade right through your heart."She threatened with a confidence he was certain she did not feel, and so he took another step toward her."You haven’t the will nor the strength to kill me, little one," he said, his voice deep and soothing, his tone arrogantly sure.She took a step forward as if to assure him of her lethal intent, the dagger still clasped tightly in her trembling hand. She tilted her chin defiantly. "Underestimating me could prove to be a fatal error on your part."He knew if he didn’t defuse the situation quickly, she was going to end up harming herself. Pasting a sardonic smile to his lips, he deliberately allowed his dark eyes to rake slowly over her body.He taunted her with an incredulous chuckle. "What makes you think you can succeed where so many others have failed? You are just a woman, and a scrawny one at that." Rage glittered in her bright eyes as she lunged at him with the dagger aimed straight for his heart. He easily sidestepped the blow, at the same time grabbing her wrist and knocking the blade from her grasp, leaving it to fall uselessly to the floorboards with a heavy clank. "That will be enough of that, my lady."

With less than gentle movements, he carelessly tossed his burden over one shoulder and began moving towards the outer corridor. Displaying the unrestrained behavior of a wild animal caught in a trap, she kicked her feet and pounded frantically at his back. She struggled, yelling feverishly, "Put me down you big barbarian. You uncivilized savage! Let me go this instant, or be assured I will make you pay dearly."

"And exactly how will I pay, little one?" he challenged, more than a little impressed by her foolish display of bravery. When she continued to squirm and claw, he smacked her bottom with a loud whack.

"You’ll pay for this. You shall pay with your life. By all that is holy, I swear it!"

He chuckled in response. But just as he reached the entrance to Captain Warner’s quarters he felt a sharp pain just below his shoulder. With several grumbled curses he dropped his hostage unceremoniously onto the captain’s bunk.

"You bit me!" He stared at her, bewildered, trying to decide if she were daft. Whatever the case, he had to gain control of the situation immediately. "If you do not abstain from your childish tantrums, I am going to wring your lovely neck with my own two hands."


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Leah said...

Congrats on winning the contest Tracey!

Hope your book continues to do well.

Best of luck!


Teresa Reasor said...

Congratulations on winning the contest and on the release of your first book!!!!

Very good interview and really good excerpt.

Hope you sell a million copies.

Teresa Reasor